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Everything You Need To Know About Twinscape Swimming Pools

At what stage of the project do you need to be involved?

We normally get involved at the planning stage. This is vital when it comes to brainstorming and developing creative solutions for the individual needs and requirements of the client. Amazing new products emerge from this collaboration between clients, designers and the Twinscape team for example, the movable flowerbeds and disappearing massage benches.

We rethink the use of space so the architect and designer can present a broader, totally unique concept to their clients.

In some projects, our involvement comes 18 months before the building commences and sometimes it is as little as four months prior to installation.

Can I have a sun lounge area in the movable floor?

Yes, we have integrated many different sizes and variations of sun lounge areas into our movable floors. These areas can be a simple step, a bench, a lounger bench or a large platform to place lounge chairs while enjoying the sun.  This sun lounge area can rise up, like the movable floor, to close the pool and return it to a normal patio or terrace.

Can I have any finish I want?

Yes, but we recommend non-porous and waterproof finishes to minimize maintenance and the need for replacement.

Can I have steps in the movable floor?

Yes, most of our customers choose to have steps integrated in the movable floor for ease of access.  We offer a wide range of optional shapes and sizes (e.g.corner steps, steps over the whole width, round steps).

Can it be stopped at any height?

Yes, we can pre-program as many different depths as the customer chooses from his control panel or touch screen. The floor can also be manually stopped at any depth.

Most clients choose three or four levels for varied uses. These range from a shallow depth for children, to using the pool for a game of water volleyball or water aerobics, as well as normal swimming.

Can the disappearing fence be fitted anywhere into any project?

Yes, as long as there is enough space below to retract the fence into the ground.

Can the floor be raised with someone in the pool?

Yes, it could.  However, for the safety of the bathers, we insist that the floor and pool be vacated while raising or lowering the system.  This is why the controls need to be located in direct line of sight of the pool (to prevent children from using the floor as a toy, the controls are protected with a key or a passcode).

For clients with disabilities and in particular requiring assistance getting in and out of the swimming pool, the floor can be used to lift the person in or out of the pool.  It is important that this is performed under controlled conditions with the supervision of another person outside of the swimming pool.

Can the swimming pool be any size and depth you want?

Yes. We can construct a Hydrofloor system for any shape, size or depth of pool.  The only requirement is that the walls must be perfectly vertical. Usually the pool needs to be 28 inches (700mm) deeper then the required swimming depth. If steps are integrated in the movable floor, the pool needs to be 36 inches (900mm) deeper. So if you want to swim in 55 inches (1.4m) the pool needs to be 83 inches (2.1m) or 90 inches (2.3m) deep with steps.

Can you have a Hydrofloors in a pool that has a shallower spa incorporated into the design?

Absolutely. The pool and spa would require separate systems in order to provide for the differing depths of water and the benches in the spa. If it is a separate spa, we design a movable floor for the spa itself.

Can you have a submersible wall built into an existing swimming pool?

Anything is possible. However, an existing pool will require substantial demolition and reconstruction in order to provide a vault for the mechanical systems and retracting structure. If a pool is 5ft (1.5m) deep, the submersible wall of 5ft (1.5m) height needs to submerse in a pit in the pool floor. This pit needs to be as deep as the height of the submersible wall, plus 1ft (0.3m). So, we need a pit of 6ft (1.8m) deep in the pool floor. The width needs to be 40 inches (1m).

Can you install a Hydrofloors movable floor in an existing swimming pool?

They can be installed into existing pools.  However, the walls must be perfectly vertical and the floor will need to be removed and deepened. To provide the space for our moving floor and the mechanical components beneath the floor, we require 28-36 inches of additional depth.  This means that an existing pool would be 28-36 inches shallower then it's at present depth.  It is usually more cost effective to build a new swimming pool. 

Can you plant a movable flower bed with anything?

No, the depth of the roots is limited. Deep rooted or fast spreading roots species and heavy trees should be avoided. We have found that shallow rooted, slow growing plants are the most suitable. Plants that have compact roots such as lavender, box hedge and the smaller varieties of azaleas and rhododendrons work well. We will work in conjunction with your landscape architect or designer for advice on plant and soil selection to provide the best environment for plants to thrive. If you would like the flowerbed to disappear when the pool is in use, then the plants will need to be short in order to clear the terrace.

Could someone be sitting on the swimming pool floor while it lowered?

Technically, someone could sit on the floor while it's lowered.  There are videos on YouTube of many people on one of our floors as it submerges. However, to protect the bathers and our mechanical systems, we recommend against this practice, except when it is a single person with disabilities.

Are there any exposed cables or apparatus on the sides of the pools?

Absolutely not.  This would be very dangerous and would pose a pinch or entanglement hazard.  All of our cables and drive systems are under the floor and out of view.  There are no cables, pulleys or channels to detract from the beauty of your pool.  And there is no chance of anyone getting hurt or trapped by them.

Do you also build the pool and is the swimming pool included in your movable pool floor system?

No. We are a company that specialises in the design, manufacturing and installation of movable structures. We work in close collaboration with the world’s leading architects and pool construction companies.  If needed, we can introduce you to the best swimming pool specialist in your area.

Do you work only in UK and USA?

No. We work around the world. We currently have projects in Australia, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Jersey, Lichtenstein, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and the US. We can work anywhere and usually work in conjunction with local partners. We currently have offices in the UK and US, with future offices planned worldwide as our growth dictates.

Does having a movable floor mean that the swimming pool does not need a cover as well?

The floor acts as the most secure and best insulating cover in the world.  It locks in the heat and reduces the condensation in the room (indoor pools). Besides providing absolute safety, it reduces evaporation, chemical expenses and the cost of heating the water.

Does it need a lot of maintenance?

Not at all. We recommend that it is serviced once a year.

How long does it take for the floor to go up or down?

This depends on the swimming depth, but for a 1.5 m / 5’ deep pool it takes approximately eight minutes.

How long does it take to install?

The installation takes approximately a week, depending on the size and complication of the movable floor.

How many drive systems operate the movable floor?

We utilize a single reliable hydraulic ram, rather than several drive systems that require constant synchronization.  We use an environmentally safe water based fluid, instead of a petroleum based fluid.  So in the rare event of a leak, there is no risk to swimmers or contamination of the water or environment. 

How strong is the floor when in upper height? Can I have a party on it and what is the weight restriction?

The standard load capacity is 51 Lbs/ft2 (250 kg/m2).
As an example, if you have a pool of 16’ x 32’ (5 x 10m) you can have a party with 155 people standing very close to each other on the movable floor. On request we can design and manufacture our systems for even higher load demands.

If I install a Hydrofloors movable floor, will there be any electrical components in the swimming pool?

Our system is electrically safe, as there are no electrical components inside the swimming pool.  Our system is driven by hydraulics.  Our hydraulic pump that is normally located alongside the pool equipment.  Typically, the hydraulic pump requires   220-volt single phase, 25 amps GFCI protected power supply. During operation, it only consumes 1.5 kw/hr electricity.  During its eight minutes of operation it only uses 200 watts.

If the floor broke down in the lower position, how would you gain access under the floor to repair it?

Our floor is naturally buoyant, meaning it wants to float up. This means that in the rare event of a problem, we can allow the floor to float to its upper position, even without the hydraulic drive system working. This would allow us to dive underneath the floor to inspect and repair any issue. Other manufacturer's systems fall when they fail.  It would be very expensive to drain the pool and hire a heavy lift crane (if feasible) to try to lift the floor.  With our Hydrofloors "fail-safe" (up position) design, in the rare event of a system failure this would not be necessary.

Is the disappearing cover as strong as the movable floor option?

Yes, it has the same loading capacity.  If desired, the load requirements can be increased. 

Is there any chance of entrapment between the moving pool floor and the pool walls?

No, as we only have a 0.3 inch (8mm) gap all around our floor. These gaps remain the same regardless of the level of the pool and whether it is raising or lowering, so there is no chance of entrapment.  There are no other openings in the surface of our movable floor.

A 0.3 inches (8mm) gap is less than the maximum opening allowed underwater by most of the pool industry standards and government regulations. 

What does a Hydrofloors movable floor cost?

This depends on a lot of factors such as size, options, shape and location.   Since each project is custom and unique, we will gladly provide a no-obligation quotation.  There is no "standard size" as each project is custom manufactured.  Please contact us using the "Contact us" form or email at for an individual quote.

What sort of finishing can I use on top of the moving floor?

You can finish the floor in any stone or material you desire, but we recommend using water resistant finishes. Many people choose finishes that are the suitable for both the pool and surrounding deck or room, so that the pool disappears when closed.  Careful planning and alignment of patterns and joints will make the pool disappear into the surrounding floor.

Where are the mechanical systems installed?

Wherever you desire, but normally beside the pool equipment. The user control panel is placed where it is convenient and provides a direct line of sight of the pool. Some clients place the controls in a locked closet or enclosure.

Our hydraulic unit has a footprint of 27”x27” (70 x 70cm) and is 60” (1.5m) high - about the size of a standard cartridge filter.

Where does the rolling floor go?

The rolling floor, or disappearing cover as we call it, rolls back under the terrace or room floor to reveal the swimming pool beneath.

Where does the water go?

The water stays in the pool. When the floor is going down, it displaces the water through a 8mm gap between the pool wall and our movable floor



Create a totally flexible, multifunctional living space


We rigorously test all of our products, systems and materials to ensure that they are safe and comply with all the necessary standards


Save energy with our highly insulated products


Most experienced company in the industry with over 60 projects completed and satisfied customers worldwide


Custom manufactured products that are uniquely designed for each individual client

Case Studies

Beachfront Home Sets Trend

Private Home | Kiawah Island, Usa

Located on the magical Kiawah Island in South Carolina, this stunning outdoor swimming pool was the ‘brainchild’ of several minds – the family who owns the pool, the architects, contractor, pool designer, interior designer and Twinscape.

More Details

From Shimmering Pool to Cool Party Space

Private Home | London UK

Behind the design and build of every private pool featuring a Twinscape movable floor, there is the client’s desire to make the best and most creative use of the space in their home.

More Details

Ahead of the trend for a multifunctional basement

Private Home | London UK

Twinscape’s latest project was recently completed in London. The client had a young family who enjoyed swimming, but they also wanted a play area that was secure, safe & dry.

More Details

Creating a Flexible Entertainment Space

Private Home | Suffolk, UK

A client in Suffolk chose a movable floor for his swimming pool on the suggestion of the architect. The client already had a pool which was in need of renovation. The architect suggested they rebuild the whole pool to incorporate a movable floor and make the area into a flexible entertainment space.

More Details

"Hydrofloors is a fantastic invention with a ingenious design. We love the ability to use the space for a patio or a pool, the outstanding safety, the ability to set the pool to any height for different guests, and how inexpensive it is to heat. The Hydrofloors (Twinscape) team is very professional and great to work with - We very highly recommend the team and the products."

Steve Lawrence

Palo Alto

"The level of aftersales support offered is paramount, the technical support team is the best we have ever dealt with, and the staff are knowledgeable and professional. In short, the service offer is second to none and we thoroughly recommend to anyone."

David Bland

Portrait Pools UK

"The whole experience was fantastic. A really nice team of people that we frequently met and who always had time to answer our questions - whether from me or one of my children. We love our Hydrofloors movable floor. It has outperformed our highest expectations!"

Pilar Seagrove


"I love it. Guests used to marvel at our views but now the pool really is the most admired thing in the house!"

G E Bloch


"We use the room for parties as well as swimming and recently we even had a small orchestra on it for a recital. Hydofloors is an amazing concept that has given us much needed extra space without having to move."

Adrian Spreadborough


"We have been working successfully together for some years. From the first enquiry, through to producing design drawings and then handling the installation, nothing is ever too much and they make the whole process incredibly simple."

Jamie Smith

Managing Director, London Swimming Pool Company

"Before we began working with Hydrofloors, I peppered the team with questions about feasibility and capability. I was reassured by their expertise, confidence and enthusiasm. The team delivered on all their promises and we were delighted to be the first to install a Hydrofloors system in the Western Hemisphere. Most importantly, we’ve heard only good things about the function of the movable floor since it was installed in 2012."

Tyler Smith

Architect, USA

"It’s truly the best build decision we’ve made – if someone were to ask our advice on installing a Hydrofloors movable floor, I’d tell them to go for it!"


Kiawah Island



We collaborate with your architect and construction team to realize your dreams


We personally manage the on-site installation process, assuring a flawless project


To keep your system operating at it’s peak performance, we provide local, onsite servicing and annual maintenance checks

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