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Posted on Friday, 20 May, 2016 by Victoria

1. Smart Glass

This is glass in the form of windows or shower panels that has a privacy option. In locations where the reason to buy is the view, wall to wall glass or at least large windows are a must but what about when you want some privacy? You can draw the curtains, close the blinds or retreat further into the house and you may even have automated system which means you can do it at the touch of a button. But how about windows that change from clear to darkened at the touch of a button? The newest option at ocean homes is to install smart glass that can change from clear to frosted when required giving you protection from the suns glare and heat and total privacy on demand.

2. Movable Swimming Pool Floor

When space is premium why compromise a room by using it for one purpose when you can use it for multiple purposes? By installing a Hydrofloors movable swimming pool floor, you can always use the same floor space you swim in for entertaining and more. For further uses the floor can actually be stopped at any height meaning you can simultaneously have a paddling pool for the little ones, a deep diving pool for the teenagers and a mid-depth pool for aquatic work outs and games. When the floor is at the upper most height it becomes almost invisible and is strong enough to host a party on giving you the ultimate flexible space. The Twinscape Group that owns Hydrofloors movable swimming pool floors has designed and installed more than 60 movable floors worldwide and have experience with working with every possible floor surface, shape requirement and location possible. and

3. Transparent TV

These come in two versions, the OLED transparent TV and the LCD transparent TV designed by Michael Friebe. This allows to create non-transparent / solid moving pictures with rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white. This means you no longer need to have a large black rectangle on your wall when the TV is not in use and can even hang a portrait behind it if desired. These are still being further developed although some are available to buy now. However, it may be an idea to wait a while with this innovation as the price will come down in the future and the transparency will undoubtedly get even better. Developing from this new technology, Samsung are already incorporating these ideas to design smart mirrors for the bathrooms of the future.

4. The Tulip Bath/Shower

This not only solves the space issue in a bathroom but gives your bathroom the ultimate in futuristic looking equipment. With inbuilt details such an underwater jets and massage programs, the Tulip bath/shower is a highly desirable, luxurious product. Its organic form and colour is inspired by the tulip and the way it opens up and hence the name. With one of these in your bathroom, you will be giving visitors tours of your bathroom! It was designed by Piotr Pyrtek and is now patented and will soon be in manufacture. (For more information on availability and Pyrteks other work.)

5. The Smart Toilet

This is the world’s most advanced toilet which will make upgrade any trip to the powder room! The Kohler Numi features motion activated cover and seat, an advanced bidet function with integrated air drier for hands free defecation, a built in foot warmer to make late night bathroom trips less annoying and much more. The price tag for all of this luxury is $6,000 and it is available right now.

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Private Home | London UK

Twinscape’s latest project was recently completed in London. The client had a young family who enjoyed swimming, but they also wanted a play area that was secure, safe & dry.

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Creating a Flexible Entertainment Space

Private Home | Suffolk, UK

A client in Suffolk chose a movable floor for his swimming pool on the suggestion of the architect. The client already had a pool which was in need of renovation. The architect suggested they rebuild the whole pool to incorporate a movable floor and make the area into a flexible entertainment space.

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