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We are very proud of the fact that if you google the top 10 images on moving floors swimming pools on Pinterest it features 7 Hydrofloors pools that we designed, manufactured and installed.   We have been designing and installing our Hydrofloors movable floors (and other systems) since 2007 and therefore are the most experienced manufacturers in this field but because of the highly private nature of many of our clients, we don’t often get to show the work we do.   To this point, Twinscape gains most of our work through referral which is why it often appears that we work in certain geographical pockets in specific areas.  For example, in Palo Alto, Verbier (Switzerland) and Mayfair(London), we have designed and installed 4 movable floors for different clients all within the equivalent of a block.  Each floor is unique and indeed very different to the neighbouring projects but within a very short distance because they saw our system in place and heard from the actual owners of their positive experience and were recommended to use us. In our minds there is no better endorsement.

The rest of our work has come via various means such as architects who have worked with us on other projects or know of us suggesting a Twinscape system in the initial plans or the owner having seen one of the many articles in the news that features our pools such as the Wall Street Journal ( and the FT’s How to Spend it magazine ( which featured Twinscape projects with Hydrofloors systems.  Even our competitors quote these articles even though it is our product and not theirs in the article!  Whilst imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, no one likes others to claim recognition for their work, but it is difficult to stop it when there are so many mediums to check on to see if our project photos are being used by other companies.  Indeed, we have even found whole chunks of our website text copied by others!  What we really want to get across though is that we are the forerunner in this sphere and our work and the clients we work for speak for themselves. We are different to other companies designing movable floor systems because we offer more options, have more experience and knowledge and have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who put the customers needs first and offer a discreet, efficient service that is second to none.  We have been lucky enough that some of our clients have allowed us to film and photograph their private space but for every client that allows this there are twenty more that don’t and for very understandable reasons.  Please do browse our portfolio on the website to see for yourself (

The photographs in our portfolio are only a snapshot of some of the projects we have completed but hopefully do allow the viewer to at least see how different the projects are and how individual the overall look can be.   The reasons people choose a Twinscape Hydrofloors are as varied as the finishes they decide on, with some needing the safety aspect of a pool that can be stopped at a child friendly wading height or those that need to be able to use the space for something else when the pool is not in use, some want the balcony to also be a party space or the pool to be locked away to both retain the heat and mean that the children and pets cannot gain access without the parents knowing.   To date in Europe, most of our projects have been inside and in the US, most of our projects have been outside.  We can recommend pool construction companies if the architect has not selected someone and we attend the planning and site meetings in person.  We also install the system ourselves and the owners can also book an ongoing service agreement with us.  Our systems are high quality, rigorously tested and customised to each owner’s requirements so if you are considering a movable floor system then choose the best and give us a call.

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Create a totally flexible, multifunctional living space


We rigorously test all of our products, systems and materials to ensure that they are safe and comply with all the necessary standards


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Custom manufactured products that are uniquely designed for each individual client

Case Studies

Beachfront Home Sets Trend

Private Home | Kiawah Island, Usa

Located on the magical Kiawah Island in South Carolina, this stunning outdoor swimming pool was the ‘brainchild’ of several minds – the family who owns the pool, the architects, contractor, pool designer, interior designer and Twinscape.

More Details

From Shimmering Pool to Cool Party Space

Private Home | London UK

Behind the design and build of every private pool featuring a Twinscape movable floor, there is the client’s desire to make the best and most creative use of the space in their home.

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Ahead of the trend for a multifunctional basement

Private Home | London UK

Twinscape’s latest project was recently completed in London. The client had a young family who enjoyed swimming, but they also wanted a play area that was secure, safe & dry.

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Creating a Flexible Entertainment Space

Private Home | Suffolk, UK

A client in Suffolk chose a movable floor for his swimming pool on the suggestion of the architect. The client already had a pool which was in need of renovation. The architect suggested they rebuild the whole pool to incorporate a movable floor and make the area into a flexible entertainment space.

More Details

"Hydrofloors is a fantastic invention with a ingenious design. We love the ability to use the space for a patio or a pool, the outstanding safety, the ability to set the pool to any height for different guests, and how inexpensive it is to heat. The Hydrofloors (Twinscape) team is very professional and great to work with - We very highly recommend the team and the products."

Steve Lawrence

Palo Alto

"The level of aftersales support offered is paramount, the technical support team is the best we have ever dealt with, and the staff are knowledgeable and professional. In short, the service offer is second to none and we thoroughly recommend to anyone."

David Bland

Portrait Pools UK

"The whole experience was fantastic. A really nice team of people that we frequently met and who always had time to answer our questions - whether from me or one of my children. We love our Hydrofloors movable floor. It has outperformed our highest expectations!"

Pilar Seagrove


"I love it. Guests used to marvel at our views but now the pool really is the most admired thing in the house!"

G E Bloch


"We use the room for parties as well as swimming and recently we even had a small orchestra on it for a recital. Hydofloors is an amazing concept that has given us much needed extra space without having to move."

Adrian Spreadborough


"We have been working successfully together for some years. From the first enquiry, through to producing design drawings and then handling the installation, nothing is ever too much and they make the whole process incredibly simple."

Jamie Smith

Managing Director, London Swimming Pool Company

"Before we began working with Hydrofloors, I peppered the team with questions about feasibility and capability. I was reassured by their expertise, confidence and enthusiasm. The team delivered on all their promises and we were delighted to be the first to install a Hydrofloors system in the Western Hemisphere. Most importantly, we’ve heard only good things about the function of the movable floor since it was installed in 2012."

Tyler Smith

Architect, USA

"It’s truly the best build decision we’ve made – if someone were to ask our advice on installing a Hydrofloors movable floor, I’d tell them to go for it!"


Kiawah Island



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